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Euterpe 2019 — A Lyre School

A four-day workshop in Tarquinia, Italy, 26-30 June 2019

This summer Euterpe 2019 school will focus on composing “new ancient music”, with special—though not exclusive—attention to the lyre, a type of string instrument that was widespread, in various shapes, throughout the ancient European and Mediterranean civilizations. The school is open to all musicians and scholars interested in ancient compositions and instruments. The goal of Euterpe 2019 school is to
reach beyond the world of Classicists and Music Archaeologists by attracting musicians and singers who want to perform ancient texts accompanied by lyres; players of ancient lyres who want to collaborate with other musicians; and composers who would like to include ancient instruments and/or tonal material in scores for theatre, soundtracks, music festivals, etc.

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Call for Postdoctoral Researchers in Urban Musical Practices

The ERC Advanced grant, “The Sound of Empire in 20th-c. Colonial Cultures: Rethinking History through Music” (MUSICOL), seeks three postdoctoral researchers with an interest in urban musical practices during the modern French empire.

Francophone scholars from the fields of French colonial history; modern African, North African, or Southeast Asian History; the history of media (radio); musicology or historical ethnomusicology are encouraged to apply, especially those from North Africa, Francophone West Africa, Madagascar, and Vietnam.

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