We welcome submissions in any language. If you are interested in submitting a piece for the blog, please send a message outlining your idea to

The blog is a platform for conversation and community for the study group. We encourage submissions from anybody wishing to contribute to discussions relating to music and sound around the Mediterranean.

We will be announcing calls for submissions around particular themes over the coming months and years, and we welcome contributions in a variety of formats:

  • Writing — short pieces (maximum 1000 words) that introduce research projects, highlight key findings, offer reflections from fieldwork, and other creative presentations of research.
  • Sound — recordings of music or other sounds that resonate around the Mediterranean and beyond.
  • Video —  audiovisual pieces, documentary and experimental film that offer insights into the auditory cultures of the Mediterranean.
  • Photography — images or photo essays that open perspectives on music cultures, performance, instruments, etc.

We also welcome other ideas for contributions, so please get in touch!