Welcome to the Mediterranean Music Studies blog!

This is the blog for the ICTM Study Group on Mediterranean Music Studies. It is conceived as a space for conversation and community — hosting pieces of research across a variety of media, as well as reports and reflections from fieldwork, and news of events relating to study group interests.

The idea for the blog developed during the Study Group symposium in Essaouira, Morocco, in 2018. The symposium sought to encourage debates and foster collaborations among scholars across the region. It posited the Mediterranean as at once a unified and coherent space and something fragmented, volatile, contested. Participants explored relationships, entanglements, frictions and interactions between Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Atlantic Ocean through the circulation of music and sound.

We seek to continue these conversations through this blog.

Contribute to the conversation

The MMS blog aims to be a space for new research, emerging projects, creative outputs, and the exchange of ideas. To this end, we welcome you to submit a piece to the blog. We will be introducing series organised around particular themes in the years to come, gathering research on musics from around the Mediterranean and maintaining a lively forum for sounds and conversations.


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